Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the information below before using the website

The website and its related services are owned by Cryptobulls.  By using the website you are accepting Cryptobulls’s terms and condition of use. All references “us”, “our”, “Company” or Cryptobulls means Cryptobulls and is registered.  All references to ‘you,’ ‘your,’ or the ‘user’ means the person using the Website or the Services provided by Cryptobulls.

Website Responsibilities

The website will not be responsible for any losses or claims arising from following events and its consequences:

  1. Cryptobulls will not be responsible for mistakes made by the user of any Cryptobulls related services. For example – forgotten password, transactions to wrong addresses or accidental deletion of wallets.

  2. Security problems at user end are not under the responsibilities of Cryptobulls. For Example – unauthorized access to user’s account or wallet

  3. Any action or event of third parties, including cyber attacks, fraud etc is isolated from Cryptobulls’s terms and condition.

  4. Cryptobulls is not responsible for technical failure at user end.

  5. Software problems of the website or any related services would not get consider under Cryptobulls responsibility.

Unless otherwise needed by law, in no event shall the website owner or contributors to the website be responsible for any damages of any kind, including, loss of use, loss of profits, or loss of data arising out of or in any method connected with the website.


The investment in Cryptobulls may lead to money loss. Cryptobulls does not guarantee that investors in Cryptobulls would not lose any money.

Tax Obligations

The owners and contributors of Cryptobulls are not responsible for any tax determination on digital money/services transactions. Users are solely responsible for tax determination for their transactions.

No Warranties

The Website does not store, send or receive coins. All the transfer occurs on decentralized network, not on the website. Cryptobulls does not provide any warranty of any kind regarding the services, material, data, content etc. provided on website.

Things Not to Do

  1. User must not modify or copy any data/material/content from this site.

  2. Any Deletion or alteration of Cryptobulls logo, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices from Cryptobulls website is not acceptable.

  3. User must not use any data of website for commercialization purposes.


The user of the Cryptobulls agrees to liaise any dispute arising from or in reference to the Cryptobulls Website or this disclaimer, aside from disputes associated with copyrights, logos, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or patents. info@thecryptobulls.io